BeautyPlus, Beauty Selfie Camera App and Photo Editor
BeautyPlus, Beauty Selfie Camera App and Photo Editor

BeautyPlus, Beauty Selfie Camera App and Photo Editor

The Magical Beauty Camera is the best beautiful selfie photo application and can change photos instantly with great feature support.

Pixocial Technology, which is the developer of the BeautyPlus application, claims that their beautiful selfie application is used by more than 800 million users around the world. Some users feel happy with the edits of this application because the results can really look natural.

Quoted from the explanation on the Playstore, this BeautyPlus application has more than 30 correction features that are really easy to use and the results are really professional. Some of the favorite features of this BeautyPlus app are as follows:

Favorite Feature BeautyPlus

Favorite Feature BeautyPlus
Favorite Feature BeautyPlus


– Beautify: Instantly make your photos more beautiful.
– HD model: Take more natural and attractive looking photos with 1 tap.
– Height: Taller you with our height reconciling feature.
– Slim: Drag to adjust where your waist, arms, face, bust, hips and more.
– Gentle: Drag to smooth your skin and refine your pores.
– Repeat Shape: Drag to adjust the place of eyes, nose, lips and more.
– Pimple Remover: Tap to remove pimples and freckles.


– Eraser: Remove people, buildings and other unwanted objects from your photos with powerful AI and image processing technology.
– Sharpen: Automatically fix photos and preserve every detail with one tap.
– Bokeh Lens: Add depth effect to photos with our blur feature.
– Other Correction Roles: Collage, Magic Brush, Mosaic, Scatter, Vintage, Rotate, Crop and other features to make your photos different from others.

Multiple Effects

– Text: Add text to photos and express your opinion using a variety of templates and aesthetic styles.
– Stickers: lots of unique stickers that make your photos more stylish and beautiful.
– Doodle pen: add a picture or image of something you take to improve or explain the photo to your audience
– Filters: More than 200 beautiful topic and effect filters to help you create various styles easily.
– AR Stickers: Periodically updated with cute AR stickers to add fun to your photos.
– Make up: Natural and stylish make up, including lipstick, eyebrows, eyeshadow, blush and hair color ingredients, to enhance your natural beauty.

Download the BeautyPlus App for free now to get cool roles, trendy effects, and great selfie stickers! This application comes for Android and iPhone devices.

BeautyPlus Android Application : Click Here

BeautyPlus iOS / iPhone Application : Click Here

This BeautyPlus is perfect for women who want to look different in their selfies. Not optimistic about a selfie because you have acne? take it easy, immediately try this application and change your acne-prone face to be more charmingly clean.